Fun, Free Concert

I'm going to have a super fun Saturday. I am planning on starting the day on the trail with lovely ladies Erica and Stacey for a morning run.  Shortly after that, I am going to be in my garden.  By evening, the Hub and I (along with some good pals from KC) are going to a super fun FREE concert in Springfield (see above).

Can't wait!  Friday can't move fast enough.

Musical June

The Hub and I are going to have a fabulously musical June.  I can't wait!

 First we are going to see, among many others, Mumford and Sons at this crazy Ozarks festival called Wakarusa.  Wakarusa is literally out in the middle of the Ozark mountains, and people camp instead of stay in hotels because there are no hotels nearby.  It is going to be a little out of the box for me, but I'm excited about it!  I think we need to make homemade tie dyed shirts in order to fit in.  The part that is sad is how excited I would be if I made a homemade tie dyed shirt... Craft project!!


Less than two weeks later, we are going to see Ray LaMontangne in Kansas City with my sweet friend Cathy and her hubby J.W.  Cathy introduced me to Ray a year or so ago, and I haven't released him from my MP3 player yet.  That's right... I said MP3 player.  I don't own an apple product... (GASP)

I feel like I need to throw one more magical musician in the mix for musical June... Perhaps Florence Welch?


No, that would be too much.  I would die from fabulous music overload.


Favorite Things

Favorite hobby?

Favorite tv show?

Favorite restaurant food?

Favorite thing to shop for?

Favorite animal?
(well, both of them... but I just have Charley's pic on my computer right now)

Favorite song?
(this was our wedding song)

Norah Jones, Come Away With Me
Favorite word?

Recent favorite youtube video?
(this makes my heart warm and makes me like my job a lot)

Ozark YEP Video

Favorite movie?
(I have a zillion, but here is one)

Favorite childhood memory?
Oh, there are bunches.  Most of my happiest memories center around camping, swimming, and summertime.  On that note, cheers to summer's approach!


Quit Your Day Job Inspiration

Although I am not interested in quitting my day job and becoming a full time jewelry maker, I found this Quit Your Day Job article on Etsy to be very inspirational this morning. 

Quit Your Day Job - Staroftheeast

The thing I found the most inspirational was really the way they organized all their supplies and general office materials.  It is fantastic!

Look at this wonderful long table...

I just DIE for these awesome drawers. If I had just one of these (and the space in the office for it), my life would be a lot more organized...

Ooh, fun things to look at on a Wednesday morning...


Charley's Window

This is Charley's favorite window.  He likes to peek out it and look for Andy's car.  He also likes to spot other puppers getting a walk and bark angrily like he's going to do something about it.

Granted, he can BARELY see out the window.  I think really the only thing he can see is the top of the trees.  He very enthusiastically watched from his perch for most of the evening yesterday as I sat at my jewelry table and made these:

And worked on these for lovely bride Natalie as a gift to her mother in law:

I hope your evening was lovely and you are able to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!


Pretty Little Things

Well, it was an adventurous weekend.  On Friday night, we had a fantastic evening with Ryan, Stephanie, Greg, and Stephanie.  Good times were had by all!  Saturday was spent at a baby shower back in the hometown.  Sissy Beth kept that entire event very entertaining for me.  :)

Today was a day of fun.  I met my mom at the mall for a bit, but mostly I spent the dreary, snowy day inside at my jewelry table.  I made these pretty things...

And these pretties with pineapple quartz (which practically glows in the dark it is so luminiscent)....

And these, in pretty shades of grey and lemon yellow (VERY popular this spring)...

I hope your weekend was grand!


Spring Arrives with a Smile

A Purple Spring Flower
Originally uploaded by noahg.
This picture perfectly expresses my happy feelings about spring right now. It is 60 degrees and beautiful today!

Granted, it is scheduled to snow tomorrow, but I will take this brief reprieve for all it is worth... :)