Scratch the Original Plan

Oh my. I started this blog in a half second of consideration and then pretty much immediately abandoned it.

However, I see a lot of reasons to start this back up again, so I will be getting much more serious about actually blogging every once in a while. I was trying to make this blog just about my jewelry, but it seems that is just silly because I don't have something interesting to say about jewelry every day or sometimes even for a couple of days in a row. Since the jewelry making aspect of my life is just a part of a whole life filled with a job, a house, a husband, a zillion relatives, and two ill behaved pups, I am just going to write about whatever I'd like and not worry about whether it's jewelry related.

Next blog--parties! I am pumped about my preparations for two very fun parties in my future. I will send you pics of my recent plans and acquisitions soon. :) If I have learned anything in life, I have learned it's okay to scrap the original plan, and that's what I'm going to do with this blog. Tee hee. Happy Friday to you!

Love to you! B

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